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Stronger U Review 2022

When it comes to keeping the pounds off, Iโ€™ve always had to put in the effort. Every time I try to lose weight, I revert to my old behaviors and end up putting on much more weight than before. Iโ€™ve tried everything from Weight Watchers and Keto to Atkins and nutrigenomic testing. Iโ€™ve had the most success with Weight Watchers, however, Iโ€™ve joined and left the program at least six times, so I canโ€™t say for sure how much of an accomplishment it is.

Then, I tried Stronger U, an online nutrition program that pairs you with a nutritionist of your own. The coach monitors your progress toward your objective of weight loss, maintenance, or muscle gain by reviewing the information you record about your food intake in an Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis. Pricing ranges from $349 for 12 weeks of tutoring to $1,149 for a full year of coaching at this time.

Macro tracking and personalized coaching are fundamental to Stronger Uโ€™s approach to weight loss and fitness. Because I had nothing to lose, I enrolled in a 12-week course. When I first heard about the program, I was both thrilled and hopeful that this was finally the solution Iโ€™d been seeking for the previous two decades.

After signing up, I filled out a form that asked me about my background and my motivations for losing weight and improving my health. By using this data, Stronger U assigned me an accountability coach who said she would be available to me at any moment for the next 12 weeks. After being assigned a mentor, we started communicating right away. Knowing that I had someone to cheer me on and/or keep me in check, depending on the day, was reassuring. After only three texts, I felt like I really clicked with my coach. She had at least two jobs as a mother (that I know of) and faced many of the same challenges that I had. I thought Iโ€™d found the proper spot, and I knew she would be instrumental in helping me succeed. The coaching is only part of what makes Stronger U so special, though; members also have access to a robust online presence in the form of a Facebook page specifically for them. The owner, coaches, and members all contribute often to the forum, creating a supportive environment that serves as a constant reminder that youโ€™re not alone in your endeavors. I appreciated the advice and enjoyed reading the success stories other members shared. Seeing the programโ€™s positive impact on the lives of others was inspiring.

Once I had familiarized myself with the programโ€™s fundamentals through reading and by asking my coach numerous questions, I moved on to practicing counting macros. I wonโ€™t lie and say that the first few of weeks werenโ€™t difficult; there was a lot of new stuff and it was unlike anything I had done previously. After a week or so, I started to settle into a rhythm and develop some routines.

Surprisingly, I found that I was eating more food on this diet than I had been before I started it. While eating my fourth meal of the day at 10:30 at night, my spouse would always exclaim that he couldnโ€™t believe I was truly losing weight. There were several bumps along the way. My coach and I had our share of heart-to-hearts, typically about how I needed to cut back on my occasional binge drinking. I discovered the hard way that not every social occasion called for a glass of wine, and that sometimes it was best to forego the libation on a random Tuesday night. I knew it wouldnโ€™t last forever, but I knew that if I wanted to do what I set out to do in the time allotted to me, I would have to abstain from alcohol on occasion. While the Stronger U program does not exclude any specific foods or beverages, one participant offers some compelling testimony about how alcohol consumption interferes with weight loss efforts.

Twelve weeks went by quickly, and if Iโ€™m being really honest, Iโ€™m a little bit bummed that the program is over. When I first started Stronger U, I didnโ€™t make many changes to my diet, but now that Iโ€™m more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy balance, I find that I eat much more healthfully than before. One of the most useful things I took away from this course was the importance of starting each day with a plan. This helps me avoid โ€œburning down the home,โ€ as some folks at Stronger U like to put it. Second, I realized that neither carbohydrates nor fat should be viewed as foes. The body need them, but only in moderate amounts. The process of losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint; I finally realized that. Itโ€™s not possible to take a drug or follow a program that will instantly fix everything. To get to where I am now after 18 years and two children, I had to be patient with myself and my body.

The program helped me lose weight, and Iโ€™m delighted to say that by the end of the 12 weeks, I had lost the 15 pounds Iโ€™d set out to do. I am really happy and encouraged to keep working toward my long-term objectives. After finishing the first 12 weeks with Stronger U, I intend to sign up for another 12 weeks to finish the journey.

There are plenty of weight-loss blogs out there, but I promise you that this one is based on my genuine experience with the product being reviewed. I canโ€™t stress enough how strongly you should try Stronger U if your situation is anything like mine. It is clear from the testimonials and success stories that they genuinely want you to succeed.

A website, https://strongeru.com, is available for those who are curious about the Stronger U program.

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