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ClickUp Pricing and Review 2022

ClickUp, co-founded in 2016 by Alex Yurkowski and Zeb Evans, is a relatively new option for managing projects online. The company’s founders claim they saw a need for their product after realizing existing business software was “broken,” and set out to fix it. ClickUp claims it can increase team productivity by 20% by centralizing all of a company’s tools and apps in one place.

With ClickUp, your company’s data is safely stored in one location. By centralizing your apps in one spot, including your tasks, documents, chat, and project management, you can avoid switching between several windows and accomplish all of your work in ClickUp.

ClickUp provides businesses of any size with the tools they need to organize their teams, manage their projects, collaborate in real-time using editable documents, and monitor their productivity using analytics and reports. The tool was developed with an additional goal in mind: adaptability. By utilizing the platform’s flexible workspaces, ClickUp-using teams can personalize everything from their web page branding to their project funnels.

ClickUp’s popularity is also on the rise. As of right present, over 200 thousand groups are utilizing the site for their project management needs.

The creators of ClickUp set out to create their program because they weren’t satisfied with the available options for team project management. They felt the offered software was either very complex or did not provide enough functionality to help firms remain productive.

As far as I’m concerned, ClickUp has finished what it started: developing a product that provides businesses with just enough features to keep everything under control.

Take ClickUp’s free tier as an illustration. The program allows low- or no-budget teams to collaborate remotely, monitor the status of tasks, organize product launches, and give and receive feedback. ClickUp has a lot going for it because it offers free functionality that would require a paid upgrade from competing project management software.

To me, ClickUp has accomplished its primary goal of providing a solution that helps firms maintain some kind of order in their operations.

Let’s look at the freemium model used by ClickUp. The program enables teams to collaborate remotely, monitor the status of tasks, organize product releases, and provide feedback while spending as little as possible. To get these functions with other project management solutions, businesses would have to pay a premium, thus this is a major plus for ClickUp.

But that’s not to imply the tool is without flaws; it isn’t.

It’s no surprise that ClickUp can grow… convoluted, given that it’s advertised as a hybrid solution for managing projects and organizing the complete workflow. Companies may tailor ClickUp to their own needs because of its flexible configuration choices, but mastering those features requires a significant time commitment. The documentation for the software makes this very point clear.

Does that make you less likely to give ClickUp a shot?

Personally, I don’t think so. ClickUp is a notable innovation in the realm of project management software due to the extensive set of capabilities it offers and the (very) generous freemium tier it offers. If the product is a good fit for your business, it will also be excellent for your budget because even the paid levels with additional capabilities are less expensive than some competitors.

Features: What I Like About ClickUp

Listed below are a few of ClickUp’s most appealing qualities.

Multitask Toolbar

Gavvie Dot Com
Clickup Review 2022

The problem with many types of project management software is that their dashboards contain too much data and are too crowded. The multitasking toolbar reduces this to a minimum by letting you run many programs simultaneously.

Changing the status, due date, or dependencies of multiple tasks at once is a breeze with the help of the handy group selection feature. When a team member calls in ill or needs their workload shifted across many projects, this function is invaluable to busy project managers.

Time Management

Gavvie Dot Com
Click Up Review 2022

As more and more teams take advantage of remote collaboration, time-tracking capabilities have become an essential part of project management suites.

ClickUp’s capacity tracking makes it easy for project managers to identify if any of their team members are overbooked, and the tool’s calendar view makes it easy for team members to let their managers know when they’re too busy to help out.

The platform’s compatibility with third-party applications like Google Calendar ensures that your team will never miss a deadline again.

One further option is to create their own automation from scratch. Using buttons labeled in everyday language, the automation customization page makes the operations easy enough for a child to follow. A single “and” instruction can connect multiple operations in sequence or all at once, therefore automation are not limited to a single function.

Real-Time Collaboration

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Clickup Review 2022

Like Google Docs, ClickUp includes collaboration documents that allow your team to work together in real-time.

When the document is open, you can see who else is working on it and track changes. Because the documents are shareable, it’s easy to collaborate and ask for input and help from other team members.

Task Management Visuals

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Clickup Review 2022

It takes effort to write up to-do lists and even more time to add those tasks to a collaborative calendar.

Because of ClickUp’s task management capabilities, project managers can quickly generate to-do lists, which are then synced with the calendars of their teams. A drag-and-drop feature allows project managers to rearrange due dates and establish task dependencies according to the importance of individual tasks.

The function can also generate daily to-do lists so that when your staff logs in on Monday, they will already be aware of what they need to accomplish.

Process Management

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Clickup Review 2022

ClickUp’s process management tools aim to free up project managers from mundane, repetitive work.

Managers of projects can save lists and templates of recurring tasks for later use. If a project manager has several templates prepared for comparable projects, they may quickly jump into work on the next one that comes along.

The app store features both third-party connectors with popular services like MailChimp and Facebook, as well as custom-made add-ons developed specifically for use with Monday. For programmers that want to create their own integrative tools, Monday provides API documentation.

ClickUp Pricing

Gavvie Dot Com
Clickup Review 2022

I have already proclaimed from the mountaintops that ClickUp’s freemium plan is ideal for startups. However, if you have a larger team or are interested in more capabilities, you can choose from one of three additional pricing categories.

Let’s check out ClickUp’s various plan options.

Free Plan

In my opinion, the best part about ClickUp’s free plan is that it comes with unlimited members and tasks in addition to 100MB of storage space.

While there are restrictions (only 100 automated tasks per month and a certain number of uses for sprint points), this should be sufficient for a small team to get started (or work alone).

Unlimited Plan

For an additional $5 per user per month, you may upgrade to the unlimited plan, which includes all of the features of the free plan as well as unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, and access to advanced reporting. If you’re working with clients outside of your company, the unlimited plan might be a better choice because it allows you to restrict access to certain files and data.

Business Plan

The commercial plan, which costs $9/user/month, has all the benefits of the unlimited plan and more robust security features.

Users at this tier can take advantage of two-factor authentication and single sign-on with services like Google. In addition, this strategy is ideal if you wish to develop sophisticated dashboards for reporting. As it allows for an unlimited number of dashboard widgets, comprehensive-time monitoring, and goal alignment, it simplifies the process of connecting project objectives with actual data.

Enterprise Plan

ClickUp also has an enterprise plan, albeit the costs are not advertised.

All the features of the commercial plan, plus additional sign-in methods, API calls, and HIPAA compliance are included in this tier. The enterprise plan provides far more assistance than the lower tiers. You will have a personal account manager and receive individualized training and assistance in the event that you encounter any problems.

Final Verdict

ClickUp is attempting to address a challenging issue in the field of project management software: providing a sufficient set of capabilities without making the product unreasonably complex or costly.

If you ask me, I’d say it was a success.

The free tier is ideal for smaller teams, while the paid tier offers access to premium features such as HIPAA compliance and an API for larger businesses. While the platform’s many options for personalization and functionality may seem daunting at first, be assured that you can always reach out for assistance (especially since enterprise customers are assigned a dedicated account manager).

Just try ClickUp out; it won’t hurt you in any way.

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