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Codeverse is an online, interactive creator platform. Kids take live, one on one lessons with an instructor to learn how to write computer code. Codeverse uses real programming language and the developer tools kids need to build real apps and games and bring their creative ideas to life.

Codeverse teaches kids aged 6+ how to code. The friendly online platform leads your little one through missions and provides private weekly classes that coach them on how to make real games and apps.


  • Offers three different coding packages to fit in with different schedules
  • Many different services offered, including one-on-one classes, 24/7 access to the platform, feedback after every class, a parent’s portal to track progress, and more
  • Uses Kidscript—an easy to understand, kid-friendly coding language
  • The learning program is customizable & can be personalized to your child’s preferences
  • Parents have access to the platform but aren’t needed for their child to complete a lesson
  • Children can share the apps and games they develop with friends and family
  • Available around the world via a download from the Codeverse App Store
  • Offers a free trial



Before signing up for a membership, Codeverse lets kids try a free class. This opportunity gives the child and their parents the chance to see what the program is like and if it’s the right fit for their needs.

If their first class is a success and you would like to sign your child up for more, you can choose how many 50-minute classes they take a month. The more classes your kid attends, the faster they progress through the program. Your options are:

  • Supernova Lite: 2 classes per month
  • Supernova: 4 classes per month
  • Supernova Pro: 8 classes per month

You have the choice of signing up for one month of classes, but if you commit to a longer period of time, you’ll save money. A quarterly membership offers 10% off, while an annual membership offers 20% off.

Also, if you have more than one child that you want to enroll in, Codeverse will give you 10% off of the additional membership.

In addition to the classes with a Codeverse Guide, your child’s membership also includes unlimited access to the online coding platform, as well as:

  • Personal notes for your child given by your Guide after a class
  • Access to the Parent Portal to track progress and make class rescheduling easy
  • An online platform with endless missions and games that help with coding

But don’t worry, the Codeverse Guides do the rest. You can sit back and watch your child take in the wonderful world of code while a professional helps them learn.

Codeverse teaches kids using KidScript™. This is a programming language specifically designed for children.

It combines languages from professional code like JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, and Ruby into one easy-to-digest form that kids can grasp and start using right away.

The classes are 50 minutes long,. During their initial trial class, I set the girls up individually with the computer during their unique time slot, watched for a few minutes, but then stepped back so they could do it on their own.

Their live instructors are so great! They are friendly and patient, happy to explain things as many times as possible.

To take a class, you log into the platform just before your assigned lesson time. The instructor will pop on just before the hour and you hit accept to set up the live, zoom-style connection. The instructor is able to see the child’s screen and easily direct them through the learning tasks.

As they complete levels, they can send me the games they create via text message so I’m able to see their progress. They also have access to the Codeverse Studio during non-lesson hours when they can work on earning points, badges, and leveling up.

I was really impressed with the setup of writing code and watching it come to life on the adjacent screen. I was even more impressed with how much the girls got from it.

Codeverse uses a proprietary text-based coding language. A lot of alternative programs use drag and drop features, which is a great intro to coding concepts. However, there are missing pieces and skills between that and actual coding.

I appreciate the different plan options. Right now we do once a week but I could see us switching that to twice a month during the busy summer or upping it to twice a week if one of the kids really takes off with it.

You know the language and what your kid will get out of Codeverse, but you may be wondering what they’ll actually be doing—how do they learn to code?

Codeverse teaches kids by taking them through “missions.” These missions are self-guided and lead your child through building games and apps.

They’ll learn about coding concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, and methods, but in an approachable and accessible way.

What makes Codeverse different from other kids’ coding platforms is its ability to allow kids to create anything they can imagine and see their code come to life directly in the platform while they type.

They can tailor it to their preferences, making it personal and letting them see what creating their own apps in the real world could be like.

Children will progress through five different ranks as they master their coding skills. Rank 1 – Coding begins with the basics and each kid will learn to make a simple single-player game that they can share with you.

Meanwhile, those who reach Rank 5 – Commander will be able to build advanced apps and will have a deeper understanding of harder concepts.

In the next section of this Codeverse review, we’ll provide details on the brand’s three different course packages: Supernova Lite, Supernova, and Supernova Pro.

The coding program offers three different packages to choose from that were outlined in the previous section of this Codeverse review.

Below, you’ll find the monthly Codeverse pricing for each of those packages:

  • Supernova Lite $109
  • Supernova $199
  • Supernova Pro $349

Codeverse FAQ

What ages are best suited for Codeverse? The program is best for children ages 6-13 years old.

What programming language does Codeverse use to teach kids code? A proprietary code called KidScript. Kidscript is an approachable language that has unnecessary complexities with an easy-to-read, easy to write syntax.

How can I keep up with my kid’s progress? You can log into the parent portal at any time, but you also will receive a personal session update from your child’s instructor after each lesson. This will let you know what they covered during class.

Who are the instructors? What training do they have? All US-based, Codeverse instructors are a collective of K-12 certified teachers, seasoned designers, game developers, and engineering experts. They also have been coached by seasoned Codeverse guides.

What technology do I need? All you need is a desktop or laptop computer (or tablet with a keyboard) and wifi connection.


Is Codeverse Worth It?

Codeverse is a unique online learning platform that gives kids full control of the apps and games they create.

With the option to participate in one-on-one classes led by an instructor, as well as receive feedback, we find this program to be highly beneficial and worth the buy.

What really helped us make our decision were the reports of friendly and patient Codeverse Guides who take the time to explain concepts to kids in great detail.

Great teachers are crucial to a beneficial learning experience, and we’re so happy to see this program has that.

Additionally, we love that the Codeverse code a kid program caters to multiple different learning styles.

Not only will your child be able to attend classes and receive notes and feedback, but they can also access their work and other missions at any time to further deepen their learning.

Coding is an important skill, and, just like languages, it is one that is easier to learn when started at a young age. We think Codeverse will help your child get there.

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