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Fresh Prep Review

Fresh Prep delivers sustainable, convenient meal kits to your door every week. Offering a range of meat, seafood, and plant-based dishes, all of the brand’s recipes can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

Fresh Prep was created by friends Becky Brauer, Dhruv Sood, and Husein Rahemtulla in 2014 after brainstorming ways to make cooking dinner a little more approachable, fun, and exciting. Taking the stress out of meal planning and prep work, the brand dishes out tasty creative meals that come together in around 30 minutes.

But Fresh Prep wasn’t created to benefit you only. By sourcing ingredients from sustainable local distributors, and using recyclable, reusable, and compostable materials, the brand does a service to local businesses and the earth.

How Fresh Prep Works

Fresh Prep believes that cooking should be fun. And, we all enjoy the eating part, so why should signing up for a meal kit service be any different? The brand’s service is super straightforward and starts when you create an account.

During that process, you’ll tell Fresh Prep your likes and dislikes, where you live, your hopes and dreams…all of that good stuff aside from maybe that last part—but then again, they seem like the kind of people that would totally hear you out.

You can let them know your dietary preferences too like if you prefer vegan-only, are trying out a gluten-free diet, or have an affinity for chicken.

From there, they’ll whip up a plan for you and you can go ahead and start picking meals. You’ll get access to 10 meals each week for the coming month, and you can add as many as you like to your delivery.

Once you’ve finished picking meals, you can add on sides, easy breakfast items, or juices to make your days all that much easier.

Need to skip a week? No problem. Pause? Sure. How about canceling? Yeah, as we said, Fresh Prep is a friendly service that just wants to make you, and your stomach, happy.

Your prepped meals are sorted, organized, and shipped out in an insulated cooler bag that has everything you need to make a recipe inside, along with an easy-to-follow recipe card.

What’s The Fresh Prep Difference?

According to the brand’s website, Fresh Prep is “a more convenient and quality meal kit service” than others on the market.

What is it that makes them more convenient, and why do they consider themselves to be of higher quality? In this section of our Fresh Prep review, we’ll explore those questions.

Let’s take a look at the first one, convenience. Pre-cutting and portioning ingredients, the service saves you time. Shipping all of it to your door saves you time too, along with money (for gas and food waste), and the food waste itself.

Ever decide to get creative in the kitchen and dish out $30 on spices you’ll probably never use again? Fresh Prep gives you those spices in each meal, so you can get creative without spending unnecessary money.

So how about quality? Fresh Prep says they put a lot of time and thought into developing recipes, meaning the brand creates meals with ingredients that make sense.

It also takes care to not prep ingredients that don’t sit well when chopped (think: avocados, tomatoes) but dice everything else up for you and promise that it’ll be fresher than what you get at the grocery store.

That may be because of how the brand sources its ingredients. The majority of which are local, and locally sourced ingredients usually taste better and are of better quality.

What’s In The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit?

The Zero Waste Kit is Fresh Prep’s newest member of the team. Offering at least one menu item per week that’s sent in these kits, the company aims to increase that number as demand grows.

The earth-friendly kit speaks for itself, including virtually nothing that you’ll throw away (food, plastic), and everything that you will either gobble up or rinse and send back along with the box.

The Zero Waste Kit sort of looks like a toolbox or sorts (your toolbox for saving the planet, maybe?). With pre-portioned, removable containers inside, your reusable box is packed to the brim with everything you need for your meals, like fresh veggies, herbs, and dried starches.

For safety reasons, your meat will still come in plastic that will need to be discarded—the brand can’t take a chance on contaminated food. For every other container or soft piece of plastic, all you’ll need to do is rinse it with cold water for 20-30 seconds, then pop it back in the box when dry.

What’s On The Fresh Prep Menu?

Aside from eating, browsing the Fresh Prep menu is the most exciting part of the service. The brand makes it possible to view its menu weeks in advance, so you’ll always know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

A mix of cuisines inspired by a varying selection of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and just good old home-cookin’, Fresh Prep serves up a solid range of meats, fish, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.

While everything on the menu looks fresh, creative, and scrumptious, a few recipes caught our eye, like the Cumin Spiced Chicken Tacos. A Zero Waste Kit, the local, free-range, chicken tacos are finished with charred corn salsa, lime crema, and crisp slaw and take just 30 minutes to cook.

Our eyes also darted to the Marinated Tofu Sushi Bowls. This quick 30-minute meal is like a deconstructed sushi roll, including maple-soy, seared tofu, avocado, nori strips, and a pile of fresh veggies.

Because balance is the key to life, straight from the vegan dish, we eyed up the Vietnamese Beef on Chilled Vermicelli. This light, satisfying dish packs in the flavor from marinated cucumbers and edamame covered in a sweet, spicy, and salty sauce.

Overall, Fresh Prep’s meals are very healthy, packed with lots of vegetables and clean antibiotic-free meat, seafood, and plant-based proteins. Among its mix of light fare, you’ll also find fun favorites like ciabatta pizza, sandwiches, stews, and a heap of pasta.

Who Is Fresh Prep For?

Fresh Prep takes the hassle out of cooking, leaving room for just the fun. Plus, you get a delicious, home-cooked meal to look forward to. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to save some time during weeknights, who wants to take the guesswork out of mealtime or those who’d like to cut down on waste.

Even though meal kit delivery services already reduce food waste, Fresh Prep goes a step further with its Zero Waste Kits, making it a fantastic option for those who love meal kit services but avoid them because of the plastic waste they can cause.

Is Fresh Prep Worth It?

Fresh Prep offers a rotating menu of 10 items each week. Even though that’s a smaller selection than some other meal prep services, it includes a nice little variety of dishes that include vegan, vegetarian, different meats, and usually a fish dish.

Like so many others, we really love the fact that Fresh Prep takes delivery into its own hands, solving one of the main issues that customers have when ordering meal kits.

Based on customer feedback, meal kit price, and the general outstanding quality, this Fresh Prep review thinks the service is worth the buy.

Where to Buy Fresh Prep

To SIGN UP for Fresh Prep and get 75% OFF FIRST WEEK Head to FreshPrep.ca. You can use the PROMO CODE AFL75OFF.

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