What’s better than wine sent straight to your doorstep? Join the Wine Access Club and they’ll send you 4 curated boxes of wine per year with 6 bottles in each shipment. But the benefits of Wine Access transcend saving money and barrels of time walking down aisles of wine. What sets them apart is that their wine experts taste and research over 20,000 wines a year to separate the best from the rest. With only 1 out of 18 bottles making the cut, the wines shipped to you have survived the Hunger Games of wine tastings and will have exceeded all expectations in taste and value from the pros at Wine Access. It’s also just a great way to discover new wines from around the world.


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What’s Included With Each Wine Access Box?

When you get a shipment from Wine Access it’s a pretty special thing.  From the outside, the box looks like any other. But the collection of 6 wines packed inside the box has beat out thousands of others in terms of exceptional taste and value. That’s pretty remarkable. Each Wine Access shipment covers a variety of regions and styles but is centered around a theme to help you learn just a little more about the world of wine. But only if you want to.

Collectible wine tasting guides are paired up with each bottle to help you make the most of your tasting experience. They include details like wine characteristics, best food pairings, where they’re from, and the interesting stories behind the wines and how they’re created from vine to grape to glass. On the back of each card is a spot to rate your wine and take some tasting notes including the look, smell, and feel of the wine taste.

They even encourage you to add some details of your own story like who you shared your wine with and for what occasion so you can look back on how the story of the bottle intertwines with your own.  At the very least it’s a great way to track which bottles you like best and maybe look back on your tasting notes over time to see how your palate develops or the wine changes from one year to the next.

For an even more immersive experience, they have videos on their website where one of their wine experts will guide you through a tasting, highlighting the wine and the story behind its journey into the bottle. And if you’re still nervous about venturing out to a winery during a pandemic, Wine Access is a great way to bring the tasting room into your own home.

Here’s are some of the delicious Wine Access wines we tried in our sample box:


2017 Martin Ray Vineyards & Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains

REGION: Santa Cruz
WINERY:  Martin Ray
GRAPES:  Cabernet Sauvignon
BODY:  Full-bodied
FOOD PAIRINGS:  Red Meat, Hard Cheeses

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This deep dark California mountain-grown Cabernet is aged in French oak for 16 months and has notes of deep cherry, bright red fruits, and herbs on the nose.

Famous wine critic James Suckling gave this one a whopping 94-point rating and described it as having, “Fascinating aromas of crushed berries and bark with black-tea undertones. Full body, firm and velvety tannins, and a flavorful finish.”

2018 Leonardo Bussoletti Ciliegiolo di Narni Brecciaro 05035 Umbria IGT

REGION: Umbria
WINERY:  Bussoletti Leonardo
GRAPE:  Ciliegiolo
BODY:  Full-bodied
FOOD PAIRINGS:  Cured Meats, Red Meat, Hard Cheeses, Soft-Cheeses, Pizza

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With Ciliegiolo meaning “cherry” and dating back to 1600, this ancient grape was revived about a decade ago by Leonardo Bussolettie at his vineyard in Narni, Umbria where the zip code just happens to be 05035. Italian wine expert James Suckling wrote this hard-to-find medium-bodied wine has “Lots of soaked, compote-like fruit here, such as red-plum essence and raspberry” in his not-too-shabby 90-point review. You’ll also taste hints of wild herbs and spices. This one is perfect for pizza.

2018 Adegas Galegas D. Pedro Soutomaior Albarino Rias Baixas

REGION:  Rías Baixas (SPAIN)
WINERY:  Adegas Galegas
GRAPES:  100% Albariño
BODY:  Full-bodied
FOOD PAIRINGS:  Exotic, Spicy, Soft-Cheeses, Fish, Shellfish, Poultry, Veggies

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Made in the northwest region of Spain, and aged in stainless steel barrels this wine is bright, ripe, floral, mineral-rich, and crisp with notes of apples, lime, and peaches. Albariño is a wine that’s meant to be drunk young so there’s no need to store this gem. It goes well with a variety of foods, but it would pair perfectly with sushi, ceviche, grilled lobster, creamy seafood, or spicy Thai and Indian dishes.

How Much Does a Subscription to Wine Access Cost?

A quarterly subscription to Wine Access is $150 + tax with shipping included. But the value of your box will be worth $200 plus depending on the selection.

Not counting the wine expertise, access to hard to get bottles + the pure joy of finding a box full of wine at your door, Wine Access is a great value. And if you discover a wine you love, as a club member, you’ll also get 10% off all additional bottles on the website.

I think I’m more than ready for a glass.

Visit WineAccess.com for more info, to discover and shop for new wines, or to sign up for a wine club subscription.

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