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App development is a lucrative way to make a living and of late it has been on demand. Companies are going to an extent of paying thousands of referrals because they need Android developers that badly. You’ll end up making a lot of money doing what you love.

It’s not that simple, you should first know how to develop an app. We’re here to tell you it’s doable.

Each online class is classified according to the skill set required.

Build modern Android apps in Java & Jetpack
Let’s break it down a little. Jetpack is a collection of tools that are meant to assist developers write apps easily. The course will guide you through all the updated libraries Jetpack has provides and teach you how to use them to develop an example app.

Kotlin programming language
This course will show you how to create an app using a different programming language which is called Kotlin. Kotlin is crucial for anyone looking to develop Android Apps in a more professional way.

Build your own Twitter using Kotlin and Firebase
You’ll then move on to actually building your own social media app using Kotlin. You can go ahead and use Twitter as your inspiration and develop similar features, such as tweets, hashtags, tweet likes, retweets, follow hashtags and users, newsfeed.

Combine your Jetpack and Kotlin skills
You’ll combine this library of tools with your Kotlin coding skills and develop an app using your two favorite programming languages, which will now be a walk in the park.

Create a Tinder cloneΒ 
Acquire the skills required to build own dating app for Android in Kotlin complete with user accounts, registration, profiles, swipes, matches, conversations, and more.

So, yeah. A lot to learn, but even more (money) to be gained, andΒ all for free for the first 2 months (which is 100% off its usual price of $15per month).

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1.3k shares, 1058 points
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