Gizmogo Review 2023 - A Reliable Platform for Selling and Buying Used Electronics

About Gizmogo

Would you be interested in selling your old phone? If this is the case, your best bet is to sell them on Gizmogo.com. It is the ideal brand for appreciating your device while remaining within your budgetary constraints.

By purchasing devices that are no longer being used, this company hopes to help reduce the amount of electronic waste that is produced globally. In addition, the crew is capable of doing a thorough inspection of the phone, which helps to keep the price in check.

People have a lot of faith in this location, therefore they come here to sell their wares. As a direct consequence of this, it has been highlighted in publications such as Forbes, Fox36, abc10, South Florida Reporter, and many more.

Overview of Gizmogo Sell Used Electronics

Early in the year 2020, James Wang established this company. Because he was troubled by the amount of technological waste in the world, he made the decision to launch Gizmogo.

Due to the fact that it has specialists in electronic gadgets on staff, the business can charge 10% to 30% more than its rivals. In addition, after the completion of the successful sale, this company will recondition the underused equipment and give them a new lease of life.

It is compatible with any electronic device so long as it is functional and has not broken in any of its component parts. However, given that the product in question is no longer for sale, the company will avoid selecting vintage goods.

Because you may sell it either directly at the office or over the Internet, the procedure of selling it is very flexible. In addition to this, the cash will be sent to you either immediately or within one business day.

This online service provider is very considerate to its customers because it does not charge a fee for either shipping or the return of merchandise. In addition, it comes with a variety of programs that might be of use to both individuals and cellphone retailers.

I’ll summarize the most important aspects of the brand below.

Gizmogo Highlights

  • Purchase previously used technology at a fair price.
  • Accepts a wide variety of brands and electronic devices
  • Accepts large orders and has a variety of schemes that pay out excellent commissions
  • Accessible both online and in-person at the store
  • Provides free outbound and inbound shipping
  • Offers free returns and has been highlighted in a variety of media
  • Has received a lot of positive comments from clients.

At the moment, this online service provider is awarded in sixteen categories, which are as follows:

Phones Consoles Smart Watches Speakers
Tablets Cameras Ipods Kindles
Laptops Lenses Mediaplayers Others
Macs Drones Headphones Unknown Devices

The final category is for products that do not fit into any of the previous categories, such as Apple Pencils or other electrical devices. In addition, you must be overjoyed because the company is willing to accept any technological device.

To begin selling, all you need to do is come into the store or get in touch with customer service. You must keep in mind that Gizmogo will not take any goods that are either too old, broken past the point of repair, or move too slowly.

Gizmogo Bulk Sale

Do you have 10 or more items that you could sell? Don’t be concerned because this company provides excellent discounts for purchases made in large quantities. This approach is going to appeal to those who are passionate about gadgets as well as businesses that have a lot of idle inventory.

The group will do exceptionally well in order to conduct the inspection and provide the most competitive price. If you have any further inquiries, please do not be reluctant to email our customer support department at [email protected].

Gizmogo Partner Program

Do you wish to collaborate with this company and reap the many perks that come with it? Gizmogo offers a Partner Program that is tailor-made for establishments such as mobile phone retailers, phone repair shops, and environmental protection organizations.

It has three advantages: unlimited commissions, an earning potential of 10% on each sale, and a simple and hassle-free registration process. This affiliate scheme may enable you to make money in a matter of minutes.

When customers come to your location, you should suggest to them that they sell their phones on Gizmogo. After that, you will receive a fee of ten percent for each successful sale. To sign up for the Partner Program, please go to the website dedicated to it and create an account.

The crew will look it through and then they will let you get started right away. If you have any further inquiries concerning this affiliate program, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Gizmogo Brand Ambassador Program

Are you an influential person who is looking to make more money? Then you should sign up for the Gizmogo Brand Ambassador Program. You will receive a 10% commission on every referral code that is used successfully if you participate in this program.

The following is a list of additional benefits that come along with participating in this program:

  • Unlimited commissions: The greater the number of people who utilize your referral code, the more money you will make.
  • Flexible schedule: You are free to pass on the code whenever you find yourself with some spare time.
  • Resume booster: Include this experience on your CV to give it an edge over the competition.
  • Build a network:Β You can expand your network by making an effort to form friendships with other Gizmogo Brand Ambassadors.
  • Accessibility to broader resources: This industry satisfies the needs of those who are interested in both technology and business, giving you greater access to a wider variety of people’s resources.

Keep in mind that the commission you earn will be proportional to the number of individuals you invite. In addition to that, this particular brand has a higher categorization with the commission.

You are allowed to withdraw the commission twice each month with a minimum of twenty dollars.

How Does Gizmogo Work?

Online Selling

  1. In the top right corner of the main page, you can either sign up for an account or log in.
  2. Get in touch with the team and we’ll cover the cost of sending your gift for free.
  3. Once it has been delivered to the office in one piece, the crew will immediately do an inspection on the device.
  4. Receive payment for the product within one day of business.

Customers who select this method will be eligible for a quote guarantee for a period of 15 days. Therefore, make sure you get a price that is fair for the item you are selling on Gizmogo!

Offline/Direct Selling

  1. You should bring the outdated electronic device that you intend to sell with you when you visit the office in California.
  2. Let the team inspect the gadget’s condition and consider a reasonable price.
  3. Get paid in cash instantly after the inspection finishes.

Who is Gizmogo For?

This company has the intention of recycling the garbage that is produced by electrical equipment. People who want to upgrade their phones and businesses that have unused devices are the intended customers.

In addition to this, it offers a price that is fair even for broken or non-functional electronic devices. Therefore, even though the prices can be lower than the ones for the ones that are in good functioning order, it is the greatest place for me to sell my old electronics.

Is Gizmogo Worth It?

There are many locations that purchase back unused merchandise. But Gizmogo is the only location that will treat your obsolete electronic devices with the attention and respect they deserve. And yeah, it is absolutely worth it in every way.

The value of the device will be determined by this online service regardless of its current state. As a result, you are able to breathe new life into a piece of outdated equipment while also gaining financial benefits from the sale of it.

You will not only be helping to rid the planet of harmful electronic trash, but you will also be able to profit from the sale of your used electronics at a fair price.

Is Gizmogo Legit?

I am aware that you are experiencing anxiety due to the stressful nature of selling used electronics online. On the other hand, Gizmogo is a trustworthy and legitimate brand. It provides a safe SSL and places a high priority on the satisfaction of the clients.

Gizmogo Shipping Policy

Customers are in luck since this company will pay for their customers’ shipping costs when they send in their outdated electronics. Keep in mind that you are required to affix a shipping label to the item that you have received from the company at no additional charge.

This company, on the other hand, will pay for the expense of the shipment. USPS and UPS are the most common types of carriers. Contact the team at [email protected] if you have any more inquiries concerning our policy. Thank you.

Gizmogo Return Policy

Sometimes Gizmogo discovers that the products are of poor quality, which causes the company’s estimates to be low. Customers might be put in a worse position as a result of this scenario.

Therefore, you have the option to decline the sale and make a request for a refund. You don’t need to worry because this manufacturer will send back your device without charging you any further money. Rather, it is meant to be complimentary.


It is to your financial advantage to liquidate unused electronic gadgets rather than store them at your location. You will be able to make some income, and at the same time, you will be helping the environment by recycling old electronics.

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