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A music career is not what it once was since what was used to be known as starving artists can be a thing of the past. There are more and more ways independent musicians can increase their income.Β 

Everyone is desperately looking for a new hobby to pick up and make money from. We’re all stuck inside, so finding something to pass the time is essential. This might not be the most ideal idea in the world, but you could always learn how to play the guitar β€” just promise us you won’t become the person who breaks out β€œWonderwall” at parties after all of this, OK? Nobody wants to hear that.Β 

There are a lot of ways toΒ learn the guitar without leaving your house, but one of the most entertaining ways is certainly Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning service that features lengthy video courses from icons in their respective fields. When it comes to playing the instrument, the service offers comprehensive curriculums that you can easily learn from. You can gain unlimited access to Skillshare for $15 Monthly, or try for 2 Months free.Β 

Get ready to emerge from the quarantine as a guitar hero β€” sign up for SKILLSHARE now and start learning to shred for $15 per month or for $0 for the 1st 2 Months.

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