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For dog and cat owners looking for insurance for their furry friends, Embrace Pet Insuranceย is one company to consider.

The thing I love about it is that it offers an optional wellness plan as well as regular accident and illness plan. You have the option to choose whether youโ€™d like routine visits covered or if you would love to focus only on the more expensive treatments.

Embrace has one comprehensive pet insurance plan for both dogs and cats, which has varying levels of coverage depending on how much youโ€™re willing to spend.

What does Embrace Insurance offer

  • Quick payments. Claims are processed and paid within 15 days.
  • No lifetime limits. You donโ€™t have to worry aboutย  reaching your petโ€™s health coverage limits when heโ€™s in middle age.
  • Reimbursements. You will get reimbursed for other extras that are not covered by pet insurance.
  • Diminishing deductibles. Embrace offers the industryโ€™s best diminishing deductible. For every claim reimbursement-free policy year, the deductible is reduced by $50 the following policy term.
  • Multi-policy discount:ย If you insure more than one pet, you could get a 10% discount, or a 5% discount if you live in Rhode Island or New York.
  • Military discount:ย Embrace offers 5% off to all military members outside of Florida, New York, and Tennessee.
  • Employee discount:ย Some employers offer voluntary enrollment in Embrace pet policies, which comes with up to a 10% discount.
  • State discounts:ย New York and Rhode Island offer 5% discounts for annual payments and spaying and neutering.

What does Embrace Insurance Cover

  • Accidents:ย Accidental coverage includes both consultation and exam fees.
  • Illness:ย Embraceโ€™s basic illness coverage extends to hereditary or genetic conditions.
  • Dental illness:ย You can also get up to $1,000 a year in most states.
  • Cancer:ย Embraceโ€™s cancer coverage is robust, including all related treatments and tests.
  • Chronic conditions:ย There are no limits to coverage or denials to renew coverage once the pet is approved.
  • Wellness Rewards:ย You can also add the wellness rewards product, which is a flexible routine care plan that provides some reimbursement for preventative and wellness expenses.

Embrace Pet Insurance costs vary based on the age of your pet, your petโ€™s breed, the type of pet, and other factors such as the location of the pet.

You canย get an Embraceย quote onlineย and find out how much it will cost to insure your dog or cat. The deductible you choose, your selected coverage limits, and whether you opt to add any wellness coverage all affect the amount you are going to pay for Embrace Pet Insurance.

If have been looking for a pet plan that encompasses just about every expense possible for accidents and illnesses, Embrace is your best choice.

With never seen before benefits, low costs, and customizable packages, the top-ranked provider has a lot to offer.

Whether or not itโ€™s the right company for you and your furry friends depends on their age, health, and what youโ€™re looking to get out of this amazing policy.

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