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Can a service help you grow on Instagram? Read my review to know the answer.

If your goal of running Instagram is gaining profits, you might have wondered – is there such a tool that can assist promotion organically? Ingramer is an online-based service that has multiple tools for Instagram users looking for steady growth and out of the box content creation. The Hashtag Generator makes your post searchable and with the most powerful free method – hashtags. Simultaneously, the Direct Module will help you execute first-class client management right in the IG DM. Also, there are numerous free tools that will improve your Instagram experience every day.Β 

Are you excited? Let’s get a closer look at each tool. I will start with the most beneficial, from my point of view.Β 

Inspecting the Ingramer Hashtag Generator and the Direct tool

Hashtag Generator

After reading other reviews on Ingramer (BTW the Trustpilot rating is 4.3), I decided to begin with the hashtag tool. Searching hashtags on Instagram was my pain point since it’s impossible to copy them in the app when you enter a keyword. Also, the algorithm doesn’t show all the hashtag ideas. Look how my reach had grown when I tried the hashtags by Ingramer. And the research took me just 3 minutes!Β 

After using it several times, I can highlight the features I like the most:

  • Search by many keywords. It’s possible to enter up to 5 keys for more precise research. Ingramer will analyze every word and suggest hashtags that contain all of them.Β 
  • Lazy search options. If you don’t want to overthink your hashtag strategy, feel free to use the URL-based and image-based searches. You will just need to paste a link to your post or upload images.Β 

  • Simple interface. Hashtags research is super convenient because you can tick the boxes and copy the hashtags from the special field to your post or document.Β 
  • Smart analysis. Some hashtags might sound good and relevant, but they are not active, and people post spammy content. That’s why you need analytics for each hashtag. Simply tap on a tag to view it’s popularity and recently added posts with it.Β 

My resolution – this tool is worth it if you are seeking for organic growth in your niche. Also, check the Hashtag Trends pages with tags collected on various topics. They are copyable for free.Β 

Direct Module

Β If you try this tool once, you may never want to chat from the phone or default desktop DM again. It doesn’t refer to simple users who don’t do business on Insta – they will find the functionality unnecessary. But for commercial accounts and influencers, it offers many benefits:

  • Well-systemized DMs from clients. The built-in customizable labels help to mark the dialogs and sort them. For example, influencers, potential clients, loyal clients, and models for photoshoots usually write to me in DM. I marked them with these labels and can filter chats when I need to focus on a certain group. Also, you can leave notes and add the address of every person, and your colleagues will see the order status and the details. It’s an IG-based CRM.Β 
  • Single cloud database for every employee. If you run an Instagram business page with other people, they will access the info you leave about clients. Conveniently, they don’t need to know the password from your account. Consequently, you can use this tool as an IG-based customer support tool as well.Β 
  • Rich messages automation. The Direct Module suggests several options of reaching out to IG audiences automatically. Firstly, you can set a welcome message to every new follower to greet and announce essential news. Secondly, you can set auto-replies based on trigger words in the incoming messages. It will save you from answering the same questions 100 times a day. Thirdly, you can run bulk message campaigns in Direct. Finally, you can adjust the auto-replies correlated with every label you adjusted before. Will it save your time and effort? I think, yes.Β 

The function I want to highlight is targeting by languages in auto-replies. You can save replies on many languages that are typical for your audience, and Ingramer will reply according to the language a person uses. This is a must-have tool for international businesses.Β 

My conclusion: the Direct Module is a treasure for online business, IG shops, influencers – all those who solve many issues on DM. I doubt I would use it if I just upload personal images for 100 followers. But this category of users may find valuable free features on Ingramer too – keep on reading to discover.Β 

What are other Ingramer tools?Β 

Scheduled posting. A simple posting tool for Instagram that has many analogs. The Ingramer Posting is convenient. It allows scheduling every type of content, even Stories (though I don’t know people who would pre-plan Stories). But this Scheduler has a feature that I adore – an auto-updated description that awesomely works with hashtags. Thus, you can reach 3X more people because you can use 90 hashtags per post. They will be replaced automatically in a certain period.

Automated growth mode. Ingramer has a smart Promo module that aims to boost the organic followers and drive interested people to your IG. It will follow, like, and watch Stories of people who identified as your target. You set the target manually by niche, competitors’ followers, hashtags, usernames. After, you can see the stats on the dashboard and the report showing how many users started following you thanks to Ingramer.Β 

Now I will introduce tools that will be interesting even for users who don’t earn on Instagram. These 5 tools will cost you nothing:

  1. Profile Analyzer. Do you need to know everything about top influencer and top accounts in your niche? Paste their nicknames into the search and spy their strategies.Β 

Instagram Downloader. Ingramer offers a huge choice of downloader for content from social media. It’s a good way to save your archives or reuse this media across

  1. networks. Tools are free and unlimited, Twitter and Facebook downloaders are also available.Β 
  1. Instagram Search. This tool will help you find partners for collaborations, competitors, and accounts to inspire from. Just choose a niche and discover who you are interested in.Β 
  1. Story viewer. A tool for a casual IG user who doesn’t want their name to be spotted among the viewers of a Story. If this relates to you, try the anonymous Story viewer; it works for any public account.Β 
  1. Fonts generator. Free service that generates unusual fonts that you can paste into your name, bio, story, copy – anywhere. This seems a big trend many IGers use to highlight valuable info or become more noticeable.Β 

My last word

If you are one of those IG users who realize they can build a business on social media, check out Ingramer services and tools. Most of them simplify content management, communications, and operating orders. Those who run IG for personal use can also find this tool useful too. And now I’m waiting for more Ingramer instruments to tell you about.Β 

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