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Freelance: it’s a word that invokes thoughts of anxiety and freedom at the same time. You probably know a few people who live that freelance life with a flexible schedule, no office to report to or set hours. Kind of sounds like a dream, right?

If your current skill set doesn’t allow for this leisurely lifestyle, you might want to consider learning some new skills that are always in high demand when it comes to contract work and graphic design on that list. Yes, it requires some training, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with a little grit, some dedication, and a reliable internet connection.Plus, it will cost you less than $10.

Modern water color techniques: beginner’s level will teach you key foundational art skills in just 2 hours. With 11 lessons that cover a wide range of need-to-know art tools and techniques, you should have an entire range of new skills to start building a solid portfolio once you’re done with instruction.

You’ll cover all the basics of art. Once you’re familiarized with those, you’ll dig deeper and learn how the corporate art process works from start to finish so you can be better prepared for your future clients. You’ll even study up on color theory, typography, branding, design, layout principals, and more. It’ll basically be like going to art school, but for a fraction of the cost and without any pretentious classmates.

Master graphic design and kick off your freelancer career byΒ subscribing for a 2 months free subscription on skillshare,Β and start living your best life.

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1.3k shares, 1060 points
Gavin Mungai 😎
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