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AAA insurance review 2022

The American Automobile Association, also known as AAA, was established in 1902 and currently offers popular home and auto insurance products to motorists and homeowners around the country. The AAA has devoted its whole existence to enhancing traffic safety, publishing driver manuals, and promoting the safety of pedestrians.

Today, AAA also offers a distinctive membership program that provides members with access to practical services, exclusive deals, and savings on a variety of things, including travel, home maintenance, and eating. If you’re looking for coverage, read our AAA insurance review to find out why it might be worthwhile to get a quotation from AAA for your home and auto insurance.

The companies that makeup AAA each serve a particular region or collection of states. This includes the Automobile Club Group, CSAA Insurance Group, and the Auto Club of Southern California Group. These distinct businesses may have different ratings from independent organizations even though they operate under the AAA brand. For instance, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and J.D. Power, two organizations that surveyed consumer satisfaction, gave each company a different grade. According to state availability, buyers may also find various insurance alternatives, discounts, and services.

AAA insurance review 2022
AAA insurance review 2022

AAA car insurance cost

According to our analysis, a full coverage auto insurance policy with AAA typically costs $2,389 annually. This is about 35% more expensive than the $1,771 annual average cost of auto insurance in the country. The average annual cost of AAA’s minimal coverage is $641, which is more than 17% higher than the $545 average cost for the country as a whole. Despite the seeming large disparity in rates, remember that auto insurance is a customized service. Insurance companies may utilize a variety of different auto insurance rating variables, such as your location, the kind of vehicle you drive, your driving history, and your annual mileage, to establish your unique rates throughout the quote process.

AAA car insurance discounts

Discounts might be a beneficial method to reduce the cost of your auto insurance. While many of the regular discounts offered by AAA are also available at other businesses, the availability and savings percentages may differ by state. Discounts from AAA on vehicle insurance include:

Discount for enrolling in the AAA OnBoard driving behavior tracking program if you reside in a specified area: Depending on how you operate your car, you may be able to save money on your insurance premium.

Excellent student discount A 3.0 GPA or above from recent semesters may qualify the high school or full-time college students (up to a particular age) to benefit from this reduction and reduce the price of their policy.

Savings associated with AAA membership: If you are a member of AAA as well, this discount may be applied to your policy.

AAA car services

Policyholders must additionally acquire a AAA membership in order to utilize all of the organization’s services in full. In addition to the more well-known benefits of this membership, including roadside assistance, AAA members can also get free car seat inspections, cheaper rates for charging electric vehicles, mobile battery replacement services, and even bicycle support. Access to AAA’s DMV Services, which enables members to visit a participating AAA office instead of your state’s motor vehicle department for certain sorts of transactions, is one of the most practical benefits of membership.

AAA home insurance cost

The average premiums charged by AAA for home insurance tend to be higher than the national average. While the national average for homeowners insurance is $1,383, AAA charges an average of $1,543 for a policy that covers $250,000 in dwellings.

Homeowner’s insurance rates are heavily influenced by individual rating variables, much like vehicle insurance rates are. Your home’s square footage, location, age, and other factors could be included in this.

AAA insurance review 2022
AAA insurance review 2022

AAA home insurance discounts

Discounts may enable you to save as much as possible on homeowner’s insurance. The following are a few of the house insurance discounts offered by AAA:

  • Companion auto: If you also have automobile insurance through AAA, this discount may be applied to your homeowner’s policy.
  • Discount for mature policyholders: This discount is available to homeowners who are at least a particular age.
  • Savings from AAA membership: If your AAA membership is still in good standing, your homeowner’s insurance may already contain this discount.

AAA home services

The option to take part in AAA Smart Home is available to policyholders of AAA home insurance. This service aids in the system selection, personalization, and installation for homeowners. Homeowners have a choice between two levels of service, Basic Monitoring and Smart Monitoring, with additional savings available to AAA Members.

AAA life insurance

The three product categories of term life, whole life, and universal life insurance offered by AAA are. With the assistance of AAA life insurance agents, all three policies can be managed, and AAA members may be entitled to an additional discount. Your budget and insurance objectives will determine the ideal policy for you, and you may want to buy more than one coverage to meet your needs.

For individuals on a tight budget, AAA’s term life insurance could be a fantastic option. Even though it is not permanent life insurance, term life policies have reasonable average rates and can provide coverage of up to $5 million or more. Whole life and universal life may be preferable choices for everlasting options. The death benefit amount and the amount that can be borrowed against can both be chosen by policyholders with AAA whole life insurance. With future premium and death benefit modifications available, AAA’s universal life provides even more flexibility.

AAA life insurance endorsements

There are a few possibilities for death benefit payouts, while AAA does not go into detail on what endorsements can be made to any of its life insurance plans. Normally, all three are distributed as a single lump sum payment, however, you may be able to select different terms for your beneficiaries.

Other AAA perks worth considering

Aside from life, vehicle, and house insurance, AAA also provides a wide range of other goods and services. These consist of:

  • Travel: AAA Travel offers travel insurance, reduced tickets to theme parks, and international driver’s licenses in addition to helping AAA members plan and reserve trips and lodging.
  • Identity theft and monitoring: To assist with identity theft monitoring and warnings, AAA offers three different options. The Protect and Complete plans are reduced, while the Basic level is free for AAA members.
  • Renters insurance: Designed for people who rent their homes rather than owning them, renters insurance offers protection for personal property, loss of usage, and personal responsibility.
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AAA insurance review 2022

AAA social responsibility

The main goal of AAA’s social responsibility initiatives is to make all roads safer for everyone. For kids, this includes the free car seat inspections offered by AAA as well as its AAA School Safety Patrol program, which allows schools to sign up for free training and supplies. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, AAA team members can use their paid time off to volunteer with local charities, and the firm will often match their donations to approved causes.

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