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Olive auto insurance warranty review 2021

Olive is the easiest and best way to cover your car from breakdowns. If you are capable of buying a car online, you should be able to cover it online as well. That’s where Olive comes in. Quote in 60 seconds or less, buy a plan that fits your budget, and manage 100% online.

Sometimes accidents do happen, but breakdowns are 50x more likely therefore, Don’t ditch your insurance because you can also be involved in an accident. But with costly mechanical issues almost certain down the road, olive protects your wallet from expensive auto repair bills, giving you peace of mind during every adventure.

How it works.

No matter where oliventures take you, Olive travels with you. However bold the journey, they are there to make sure “you have reached your destination” with your wallet intact.

quote in 60 seconds, or less

buy the plan that fits your budget

manage your policy 100% online


What brands does olive cover?

They cover just about olive them!

From audi extended warranty solutions to VW extended warranty solutions, including just about every American, Japanese, Korean and European brand, Olive has you covered with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in California and Vehicle Service Contracts throughout the rest of the USA.

Are you looking for an extended car warranty solution?

Olive covers your adventures with mechanical breakdown insurance for California and vehicle service contracts across the rest of the US. Avoid expensive car repairs with an extended car warranty solution from olive

Cars were meant to enhance your freedom, not limit your choices. But recently, that freedom has become absurdly complex. Your new car can have up to 30,000 parts, all controlled by a brain more sophisticated than the system that puts astronauts on the moon. These complex and expensive machines need coverage that keeps up with them.

If you bought a new car, your warranty would likely run out well before you are ready to let it go, and unless you purchased an extended car warranty, before your car payments end. This leaves you with a big bill if something breaks down.

If you bought a used car, truck or SUV you probably have payments but no extended auto warranty at all. Extended auto warranty solutions for used cars have become more critical as people keep their vehicles longer with longer payment terms.

olive is here to help

Preventing a breakdown from becoming a meltdown. Olive coverage protects every single lubricated part of your engine and transmission, electrical components, AC systems, even your instrument cluster. At a fraction of the cost of a significant repair, Olive’s bite-sized payment increments help get you out of the shop and back on the road. We’re on a mission to give peace of mind back to vehicle ownership, one driver at a time.

Best of all, our mechanical breakdown insurance (“MBI” for California residents) or vehicle service contracts (“VSC”for the rest of the US) have no yearly mileage restrictions up to 185,000 Miles. So whether you signup with 36,000 miles or up to 140,000 miles on your vehicle, you are covered all the way up to 185,000 no matter how many miles you drive in a year. This means you will have at least 45,000 miles to drive to work or across the US and Canada. No one else’s “extended car warranty” solution in the industry matches that.

Why choose one of olive’s extended car warranty solutions to cover your car against high maintenance costs?

  • No waiting for period-quote today and get covered tomorrow.
  • Start coverage with up to 140,000 miles on your ride.
  • No yearly mileage limits-we cover you up to 185,000 miles no matter how quickly you get there.
  • Manageable monthly payments.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • 100% online process-or give them a call at 866-383-6923-your choice!

That’s right-olive provides affordable monthly payments, no waiting period and unlimited mileage for the length of your term-no extended car warranty can match that!

coverage is only a click away!

Olive is a better way to protect the investment and freedom you know as your car. With that first click comes the convenience of getting protection directly. They do this by providing affordable, accessible coverage for all vehicle types. Their frictionless mechanical breakdown protection even rescues long-distance trips from total ruin by providing reimbursement for overnight lodging for our policyholders and customers, no waiting period required. Extending your car warranty with their mechanical breakdown insurance or vehicle service contract is easy and affordable.

Olive’s MBI (mechanical breakdown insurance for California) and VSC (vehicle service contracts across the US outside of California) are often referred to as “extended car warranties” or “extended auto warranties”.  At olive, all of the products, customer service, and reputation for excellence have earned them, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they’ve partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back them up. They’re in the business of helping you live life covered!

Every year the cost of vehicle repairs continues to climb as vehicle complexity increases. The average cost of a single repair ranges from $500 to $600 dollars. Sound steep? It is, and that can be a real hit to the piggy bank. On average, drivers 18-34 paid between $2,000 and $3,000 in vehicle maintenance and repairs over five years of vehicle ownership, because their original car warranty ran out before the life of their car. And that’s just the average. Many car owners paid more!

Olive is a better way to protect the investment and freedom you know as your car. They do this by providing affordable, accessible extended mechanical coverage for all vehicle types. Simply pick a plan that suits you, select a manageable deductible, and away you go.

Olive’s extended car warranty solutions are actually called VSCs and MBIs, and they extend coverage for your car beyond the factory warranty. They have no yearly mileage restrictions up to 185,000 Miles. So whether you signup with 36,000 miles or up to 140,000 miles on your vehicle, you are covered all the way up to 185,000 no matter how many miles you drive in a year. This means you will have at least 45,000 miles to drive to work or across the US and Canada. No one else in the industry matches that.

Protect yourself from expensive mechanical car repairs

Owning a car in California has been a source of adventure and freedom since before it was known as The Golden State.

Californians rely on their cars, SUVs and trucks to get to work, the beach, the mountains and find new adventures across the beautiful landscape.

Over the years cars have become more and more complex. They have tens of thousands of parts and are sophisticated computers that are even more advanced than the ones used on the lunar landing. Simply changing your oil has become much more difficult, and tuning a car yourself is darn near impossible without the sophisticated equipment auto dealers and repair shops have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing. When something breaks, the high cost of fixing it can drain your bank account or max out your credit card.

New car warranties run out before your loan payments end, and many used cars have long term loans that extended beyond the coverage for mechanical breakdowns.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the peace of mind knowing you have coverage from the high cost of mechanical breakdowns and expensive auto repairs?

You may have considered extending breakdown coverage for your car, truck or SUV from the dealership, but chose not to purchase at that time. No need to worry, if your car is less than 10 years old and has under up to 140,000 miles Olive can still cover you with mechanical breakdown insurance. (in California, mechanical breakdown insurance is the technical term for what many refer to as an extended warranty.

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