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Your online privacy is being bought and sold. Everything you do online, every website visited, the form submitted, ad clicked, or an app downloaded, is tracked. Data brokers collect your info, compile your profile, and then re-sell it far & wide.

Confidently scans the web and cleans up your data trail continuously.

More data, more problems. The more companies that have your data, the more likely your info will be breached or leaked on the dark web. Data breaches can lead to phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and identity theft.

Confidently monitors the dark web and alerts you to data breaches.

It’s hard to clean up your data alone. New laws technically allow you to exercise your privacy rights, but it takes a lot of work to delete your data from companies that shouldn’t have it β€” including hundreds you don’t know about.

Confidently’s simple, a powerful platform to take back control of your personal data and manage your online privacy will. The platform automates the confusing process of deleting your personal info & stopping it from being sold.

The service cleans up your data from hundreds of companies within the first weeks of your subscription, saving you hundreds of hours of time and stress dealing directly with companies that collect your info, including many you never shared your data with in the first place.

Every day, as you use the internet, you’ll continue to leave more data behind, so when you subscribe to Confidently, they’ll always be cleaning you up from more and more places. They’re constantly expanding their privacy coverage to more companies. They’ll suggest new businesses to delete you from, and you can tell them where you want them to clean up.

The privacy landscape is constantly evolving. They’ll constantly keep you up to date with new features to give you peace of mind – including the premium dark web monitoring service, which alerts you to leaks or breaches of your personal data in virtually any nook and cranny of the internet, along with recommendations for addressing each breach.

Confidently monitors your privacy across 150+ businesses, stopping your data from being sold and/or deleting you from those companies selling your info.

When you subscribe to Confidently, you’ll get a 30-day free trial to test out the service for yourself. After those 30 days, Confidently costs just $10/month to continue protecting your privacy.

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