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AirClass, established in 2014, is a global education institution focusing on online one-on-one tutoring. The main business is to provide online one-on-one tutoring in mathematics, English, science, biology, chemistry, and other subjects for children aged 5-18. AirClass has been invested over $400 million USD in Sept 2020.

AirClass, headquartered in the UK in London, is the world’s largest one-on-one tutoring service with more than 500,000 students worldwide, providing one-on-one targeted tutoring for young people around the world anytime, anywhere.

Three levels (SATs, GCSE, and A-level) of courses such as Maths, English, Science, Biology, and Chemistry are currently offered in the UK. With an interview pass rate of 7.8%, the selection criteria for teachers are strict. All of the teachers come from TOP30 universities in the UK and have rich teaching experience. Before they can formally teach, all entry teachers need to undergo unified training and assessment.

The overall teaching process is a tutor + learning advisor, model. The tutor is responsible for full-time teaching and the learning advisor is in charge of supervising the learning progress, arranging lessons for students, and reviewing after class. In 2021, 91% of the students surveyed have improved significantly after undergoing 3 months of tutoring.

How it Works

  1. All you need to do is fill out the form and indicate what you need help with and the smart matching system will match you with an online tutor. Then sign up for a free trial lesson.
  2. Receive video from tutoring via mobile phone or tablet, which incorporates chat, photo/homework upload, virtual whiteboard, document collaboration, and graphing. High-quality tutoring when and where you want. Digital whiteboard, recording function, screen sharing, and much more included.
  3. After the lesson is completed, both the tutor and student have the opportunity to rate each other, maintaining the quality of our community.

Sign up HERE and match your tutor and customize your exclusive learning plan.

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924 shares, 1022 points
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