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Lead Forensics Review

B2B companies of all sizes may benefit from Lead Forensics, a web-based lead creation tool. Anonymized web traffic can be used to generate sales leads for these firms.

One of the most comprehensive visitor management systems on the market. Lead data and lead production procedures may be easily accessed from one central location.

A broad range of functions for sales and marketing are available, as are helpful tips and templates for discovering possible leads and business prospects.

When it comes to converting potential leads and prospects, customers have total control over the lead creation process thanks to this software solution.

The ability of Lead Forensics to identify and give actionable information on anonymous visitors is a major selling feature.

Website users’ IP addresses are tracked using a little piece of code that may be used to gather crucial contact information such as corporate phone numbers and email addresses.

It is also possible to use Lead Forensics to keep an eye on your website’s visitors and potential commercial prospects, as well.

With this sort of software, B2B firms can locate and manage innumerable prospects in real-time, focus on key marketing tactics focused on leads with the highest potential, and maximize the return on investment (ROI) of sales and marketing activities.

Anonymous online traffic may be turned into actionable leads with this lead-generating software, which also provides real-time notifications, assigns leads automatically, and provides metrics that go beyond the basics in sales and marketing.

Lead Forensics Features

Many features and capabilities are provided by Lead Forensics, including a comprehensive lead and visitor database as well as a simple analytics dashboard.

These are the features:

Lead generation

Lead Forensics covers a wide range of ground when it comes to lead creation.

From the minute a customer clicks on your company website, the software has you covered for contact finding, lead nurturing, and segmentation, as well as visitor identification, lead scoring, and pipeline management.

Lead discovery

Using Lead Forensics, you may uncover sales leads you never knew existed.

In order to uncover and identify your anonymous website visitors, Lead Forensics utilizes information such as their name, contact information, and any other relevant facts they may have provided.

With this information, you can turn previously untapped sources of traffic into a steady stream of qualified sales leads. It’s all happening instantly.

Connect with actual decision-makers

With Lead Forensics, you can rapidly locate and get in touch with the key decision-makers in a company.

With the program, not only can you identify anonymous visitors, but you can also get valuable contacts’ names, job titles, and email addresses in real time.

From the companies and people that have visited your website, you should be able to identify your ideal customer profile or target demographic.

Quick access to data for lead conversion

Lead Forensics provides the information you need to quickly and effectively convert leads.

With the help of the program, you can have immediate access to visitor contact information, which you can then give to your sales staff so that they can process and convert it faster.

In-depth lead insights

You’ll be able to treat your leads with more care if you have access to comprehensive visitor analytics. The program gives you access to data on how visitors behave while they are on your site.

In this section, you’ll learn how to use data to power your sales cycle and close more transactions faster. As a result, your sales and marketing teams may make more informed decisions by utilizing the platform’s strong business intelligence (BI).

Lead capture

There are quite a number of lead capture features that Lead Forensics is able to provide to its users.

From data extraction, lead notifications, and a user-friendly dashboard to lead distribution, lead nurturing and lead scoring capabilities, you will have everything you need to successfully nurture your prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Lead prioritization

Lead prioritization empowers your sales and marketing teams with easy access to and visibility of the hottest leads to focus on and close.

Lead Forensics allows you to set and define your own criteria of high-value targets and automate the lead distribution process to your preferred agents’ and reps’ inboxes.

There are a few triggers you can set in order for the software to notify you and your team when the criteria have been met.

Some of these triggers include the visitor’s industry sector, the size of their company, the amount of time they’ve spent on your website and the pages they visited, the number of visits they’ve logged over a period, and the availability of full contact information.

Proactive pipeline management

With Lead Forensics’ “Watch List” feature, it will be hard to miss a sales opportunity. The Watch List feature is the perfect solution to ensuring a proactive pipeline management process.

This is an ideal tool for your sales team as it gives them total visibility on every aspect and journey of their leads.

The system will automatically alert your team whenever a prospect revisits your website or when a visitor spends more than the usual amount of time on certain pages.

The feature lets you connect with prospects at just the right moment to answer their queries, provide them with helpful information, and gain their confidence.

Now, you’re deep into lead nurturing and aiming to close the deal before your competitors can even get their pitch in.

Mobile lead generation

Lead Forensics is optimized for mobile lead generation and capture. You can experience the full capabilities of the software on your smartphone or tablet with the Lead Forensics easy-to-use mobile app, available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android.

Using the app, you can easily identify leads, conveniently schedule callbacks and appointments, instantly set reminders for upcoming activities, quickly assign strong leads to your most trusted sales reps, and more.

Lead Forensics Benefits

Lead Forensics is designed to streamline lead management for B2B organizations of all sizes. It can boost lead generation, improve lead nurturing and maximize ROI.

The key benefits of using Lead Forensics include:

Enhances your sales funnel

Lead Forensics helps ensure smarter and more efficient sales for B2B companies. It is equipped with features and capabilities that effectively transform any business into a successful organization.

The software allows for complete visibility of the most popular, ready-to-be-converted, leads.

This will then enable you to place those prospects on the high priority list to be transferred to your most trusted sales reps and agents so they can close the sale faster.

To further enhance the sales funnel, Lead Forensics also allows you to set your own criteria for high-value targets/leads.

You may incorporate these into your sales team’s inbox by utilizing the Trigger Report feature. The Watch List feature will help make sure your team will never miss a sales opportunity ever again.

Get maximum return on investment

Lead Forensics is more than your typical lead management solution. It comes with a comprehensive suite of features designed to facilitate huge amounts of usable data.

It’s not just about collecting data from web traffic; it is also about processing the data to make them digestible and easy to comprehend.

This means incorporating lead generation, valuable insights, and analytics into a cohesive platform with a single dashboard for total campaign intelligence.

Lead Forensics Pricing

Lead Forensics does not list prices on its website as it does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution for its business customers.

The vendor tailors its packages to suit the needs of the client. This means you never have to pay for modules you’re never going to use.

This also means you will be able to maximize your ROI. For more information about Lead Forensics, figure out how much it might cost, or to book a free trial and demo, you may visit their website and contact one of their product specialists.


Lead Forensics is a capable lead generation software solution capable of identifying sales leads from anonymous website traffic. It is tailored for B2-B organizations of all sizes. It is an ideal lead management solution for small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Pricing is customized to match the needs of the company and it integrates with third-party solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and other CRM systems. The mobile aspect of the software is also a huge plus if you’re concerned about how it would affect your mobile workforce and sales teams.

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