When it comes to home improvement, some tasks can be hard for you to tackle on your own and require a professional. HomeAdvisor is a great resource to consider.

I recently requested a few quotes on HomeAdvisor for a roofing repair project โ€” just to see what the process was like. Iโ€™ll takeย an in-depth look and check outย whatย youโ€™llย do on the HomeAdvisor site.

Whether you need help with home improvement, maintenance, or repair, youโ€™ll likely find a professional on HomeAdvisor in just a few minutes who can help.ย 

HomeAdvisor will connect you with local companies that will provide you with the professionals you deserve. With those results, I was able to compare nearby businesses and read about other customerโ€™s experiences.

This optionย allows you toย seeย the worthย upfront, and ifย you wish, youโ€™llย scheduleย the task online. HomeAdvisor will then match you with a business to finish the service at that price.ย 

HomeAdvisor can be a great tool for connecting you with the perfect professionals in your area.

There are three main ways to seek outย a close-by professional using HomeAdvisor.ย 

  1. Use HomeAdvisorโ€™s ProFinder tool.ย This lets you enter details about your specific project and contact the company/companies that HomeAdvisor recommends. Using this method, youโ€™ll end up with one to three quotes.
  2. Useย the directoryย to browse through nearby professionals and decide which one(s) to contact. Using this method, you can request as many quotes as you want.
  3. Search forย fixed-price servicesย and pay an upfront fee for HomeAdvisor to send a qualified, background-checked professional to complete the job. With this method, youโ€™ll skip the quotes altogether. Instead, youโ€™ll agree to have the job done by a professional whom HomeAdvisor chooses for a non-negotiable price.

When I visited the website, I used the ProFinder tool to see which professionals I would be matched with. I typed in the service I was looking for and chose the appropriate suggestion: โ€œpaint a kitchen.โ€ From there, I answered a few questions about the project and started viewing the matched professionals.

I had the option to connect with the pro that HomeAdvisor had found for me. When I chose the professional I wanted, I got a phone call that connected me with my โ€œmatch.โ€ From there, we were able to discuss quotes and project details.

I searched a second time and clicked on it just to show me my pros. The only match HomeAdvisor provided was the company Iโ€™d just talked with over the phone. Depending on the project you will be matched with as many as three professionals.

My Final Thoughts

I think HomeAdvisor is a good solution if youโ€™re looking for a service provider for home improvement, maintenance, or repair. Itโ€™s free, but keep in mind the potential drawbacks: spam mail and limited search results.

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