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Honeybricks Review 2022

As mentioned, HoneyBricks offers the opportunity for accredited or accredited non-U.S. investors to invest in high-quality, real estate investments on the Polygon Network. Polygon is a cryptocurrency network that is designed to reduce costs and complexities and improve the speed of transactions on Ethereum.

The marketplace is where eligible investors can find high-quality, real-world commercial real estate investments that they can buy as digital assets.

Here are five steps to follow to access HoneyBricks’ investment opportunities:

  1. Create your account

There is a thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process for all users. Creating an account with HoneyBricks is said to take less than two minutes. Verification of your account takes a few minutes after you create it.

  1. Purchase tokens

With the help of HoneyBricks, you can buy tokens with fiat cash (USD), crypto, and by staking your own coin. Upon completion of the transaction, you’ll receive tokens for your investment in the form of a digital currency.

  1. Get paid in cryptocurrency or your choice of currency

HoneyBricks allows you to receive payouts in any of the supported cryptocurrencies directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. Afterward, the HoneyBricks and partner management teams will work together to maximize the assets’ performance.

  1. Receive passive income from your rentals in your portfolio

With HoneyBricks’ approved management teams, you can own real estate on autopilot.

  1. Borrow from your tokens

Token holders have the option of pledging their tokens as collateral for crypto loans. Each token’s underlying asset value is updated on a regular basis in accordance with the asset manager’s full reporting. Using leverage, investors can increase the amount of money they can invest.

Investment Strategies

When it comes to investing, HoneyBricks looks for core plus and value-add opportunities involving dependable assets in prime locations.The HoneyBricks investment committee has invested over $5 billion in thousands of real estate assets across the United States, and each investment is identified and due diligence by a partner sponsor.

HoneyBricks Customer Service

Customer service is still being implemented by HoneyBricks, which is why it is in its early phases of development. HoneyBricks’ support center, FAQs, and a real estate dictionary are all options for people who need assistance at the moment.

HoneyBricks’ token and “important documents to be aware of” are among the topics covered in the help center. The FAQ section, on the other hand, is far more compact and provides solutions to a smaller number of inquiries. HoneyBricks has recently implemented a live chat option on its website so that customers may get in touch with the company.

HoneyBricks’ official email is investments@honeybricks.com.

HoneyBricks Security

As decided by the Securities and Exchange Commission, HoneyBricks tokens are securities. HoneyBricks adheres to the terms of the Securities Act of 1933, which governs the sale of securities. The marketplace’s security is little unknown outside of these two elements. HoneyBricks, on the other hand, goes into great detail about the process it uses to vet potential listings before putting them on the market.

HoneyBricks takes great pleasure in providing investors with a sense of security when making an investment. An overview of HoneyBricks’ investigation procedure for new properties follows:

  1. Focused on major U.S. cities. 

According to the website HoneyBricks, the 15 most populous cities in the United States account for half of all rent paid in the country. Thus, HoneyBricks primarily targets cities and markets with significant underlying demand, good real estate outlook, and landlord-friendly legislation.

  1. High-quality, multifamily assets with strong rental growth 

When it comes to finding the best investment options, HoneyBricks works with some of the most reputable real estate companies in the country. Each investment is overseen by a screened management team that gives regular updates on developments or other information that may have an impact on the investment.

It is rare for HoneyBricks to recommend a product to the general public.

  1. Targets high income and strong capital growth

Standard financial criteria are used by HoneyBricks to evaluate assets, such as operating income, capital appreciation potential, rental return, and future market prospects. HoneyBricks. Core or core plus investment opportunities are benchmarked against their predicted returns and focused solely on these types of products.

HoneyBricks Minimum Investment and Pricing

With a cheap entrance price of $1,000, investors can get started with HoneyBricks and acquire confidence in the platform even though it isn’t available to the general public due to the legal climate in the United States. In order to use this site, you must be an accredited investor in the United States, which means you must have earned at least $200,000 in each year of the preceding two years. Investors from outside the United States must currently meet the same standards as accredited investors in the United States.

HoneyBricks User Experience

Users’ experiences with HoneyBricks are still limited because the early access program is still in its early phases of development. There are numerous advantages to using HoneyBricks over traditional real estate investment vehicles like direct ownership or REITs.

HoneyBricks has a user-friendly graphical user interface. To get started, investors just log up using their crypto wallet address. Commercial property fractional ownership allows investors of various budgets to get a taste of the real estate market.

HoneyBricks’ use of bitcoin allows consumers to benefit from extraordinarily high capital efficiency and quick loan balancing when compared to traditional types of real estate investment.

HoneyBricks does a good job of making sure that all users have access to the resources they need to learn outside of the investment side. Investing in real estate, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance may all be done through HoneyBricks’ Learning Center (DeFi). Investing in real estate for crypto investors and diversifying your crypto holdings are two examples.

HoneyBricks vs. Competitors

Propy and Parcel, two other non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplaces for virtual real estate, compete with HoneyBricks in a similar way. Parcel, like HoneyBricks, has recently raised $4 million in a seed round sponsored by Framework Ventures, which is similar to HoneyBricks. HoneyBricks tokens, in contrast to Parcel, are backed by real-world assets with a legal claim on real estate, which is managed by investment professionals implementing their real estate business plan for the assets.

When it comes to making it easier to buy and sell physical real estate with Web3 technology, Propy is more like HoneyBricks. Propy’s crypto-certified agents, like their counterparts on HoneyBricks, can make and accept crypto-based offers. An NFT can be listed by a verified user on Propy.

HoneyBricks Overall

As a tokenized real estate investment business, HoneyBricks appears to be a potential option for investors. HoneyBricks is a product of a varied team of people from a variety of backgrounds who are well-equipped to provide the service to the masses.

Tokenization of security tokens enables fractional ownership of the real estate in a way that has never been possible before. Transparency and efficiency in international real estate investment are the ultimate goals of this project. Tokenized investments made available to HoneyBricks’ Early Access Program were recently completed. It’s difficult to justify a better rating at this point, but we’re enthused about their mission, personnel, and strategy.




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