ShipBob Reviews: Should You Use It

ShipBob is a cloud-based software you can access from any internet connection. Targeted at small business owners, it offers e-commerce businesses a:

  • Fulfillment solution
  • Inventory management solution
  • Warehouse management solution

Years ago, fast shipping was a competitive advantage. Now? It’s a requirement. Nearly half of shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart because of unsatisfactory delivery options. With ShipBob’s fulfillment services, you can offer two-day shipping, which is necessary to keep up with evolving customer and market demands.

ShipBob lets businesses use custom packaging. A branded unboxing experience helps make a strong first impression on customers.

How ShipBob Works

If you’re interested in using ShipBob, you’ll need to request information and wait for an expert to get back to you. They’ll take time to learn about your business and develop a custom quote suited to your needs.

After the consultation, you’ll be able to sign up for an account. The account contains demo data, which you can use to help you set everything up. Once you’ve added your product catalog and you’re ready to go, you can push everything live.

ShipBob’s Pricing

ShipBob uses a transparent pricing model based on total fulfillment cost for standard, direct-to-consumer (DTC) order fulfillment. They charge for receiving, storage and shipping. There’s even a price calculator in the dashboard.

ShipBob Reviews: Should You Use It
ShipBob Reviews: Should You Use It

ShipBob users can also take advantage of other services like:

  • B2B order fulfillment
  • Pickup orders
  • Package insurance
  • And more

There are no hidden fees or surprise costs to worry about. There are no setup fees to get started, and no minimum monthly order threshold to hit.

It costs $25 for the first two hours spent unpacking shipments into the warehouse. If it takes longer than two hours to unload the shipment, you’ll be charged $40/working hour after the first two hours.

Storage rates are:

  • $40/pallet/month
  • $10/per shelf/month
  • $5/bin/month

Order fulfillment costs are free for the first four picks in the order. After that, it’s $0.20 per pick in the order.

Standard packaging is free – including plain boxes, mailers, tape, and the dunnage (bubble wrap, filler, etc.) required to pack items.

Shipping costs are specific to the packages you ship out, based on size, weight, etc.

Additional services are available for B2Borders, kitting, freight shipping, etc.

ShipBob Shipping Rates

ShipBob has contracts with many shipping carriers to secure the best possible shipping rates. Because of the high volume, their rates are better than what most small businesses can get.

Shipping rates vary from carrier to carrier. They also vary based on the size and weight of the package, the originating zone, the destination zone, and the delivery speed.

ShipBob will always use the best carrier for your specific packages, based on what shipping options you offer and what option your customers choose.

ShipBob Features

ShipBob offers nationwide fulfillment services with built-in inventory management software. With a large network of fulfillment centers across the country, merchants can get orders to customers quickly and affordably.

Inventory Management and Tracking

ShipBob’s software makes it easy to track and manage inventory in real-time. You’ll also get inventory alerts to avoid stock-outs. ShipBob integrates with many eCommerce platforms to make automation easy. With historical data, you’ll be able to make better inventory decisions based on customer demand and order trends.

2-Day Shipping

ShipBob’s 2-Day Express program allows merchants to offer customers fast shipping. Once a customer enters their shipping destination, ShipBob validates the zip code and checks inventory at the nearest fulfillment center in real-time.

The 2-Day Express program uses ground shipping only, saving merchants money compared to air-shipping. This allows for eCommerce shop owners to provide an Amazon Prime-like experience for their customers.

Global Warehouses

ShipBob has multiple warehouse locations across the globe, so you can keep inventory anywhere. The split inventory approach saves time and money.

Your customers receive inventory from the closest warehouse. You can track how much inventory is in each location from your dashboard.

With locations across the United States in major metro areas like New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago, ShipBob offers fast shipping to the vast majority of customers in the United States.

Additional USA locations include:

  • Woodridge, Illinois
  • Yorkville, Illinois
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ontario, California
  • Hillsboro, Oregon

International shipping is also available, with fulfillment centers in:

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Feltham, UK
  • Heywood, UK

ShipBob’s receiving hours are Monday-Friday for all centers, except for certain U.S. federal holidays and international holidays. See our list of UK fulfillment centers.

Best in Class Technology

ShipBob owns its entire tech stack. As a merchant, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can track inventory and orders in real-time.

ShipBob’s warehouses are managed with enhanced warehouse management software (WMS) to pick, pack, and ship orders more efficiently.

The WMS is linked to the merchant dashboard, so you have full visibility into the fulfillment process.

The cloud-based platform ensures you can access your customer portal to check stock levels from any device that has an internet connection.

Returns Processing

ShipBob helps merchants process customer returns simply so products are back on the shelf faster. As a merchant, you can choose how you want ShipBob to process the returns.

ShipBob will give customers a return link so they can generate their own return labels without needing to contact you. You’ll be able to track the returns process from start to finish.

If your company ever changes the return policy, you can adjust things in ShipBob to match.

ShipBob Integrations

ShipBob makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to automate the entire fulfillment process.

Is ShipBob Meant for Your Online Shop?

It’s no surprise that ShipBob delivers more than your traditional 3PL. They are the ideal partner that will help you efficiently fulfill orders as you scale your business. With ShipBob, you’ll be given the support, facilities, and technology you need so you can focus more time on being the owner rather than the operator.

That said, it’s not the right option for every online business. It’s best for small businesses that are shipping at least 100 products every month. If you’ve not hit that level yet, it may be more cost-effective to handle your own shipping with USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Larger businesses can also use ShipBob for order fulfillment but may find other solutions more effective.

Leave Your ShipBob Reviews

If you currently use ShipBob or have been a customer in the past, we’d love for you to leave a review. To provide value to our readers, we rely on ShipBob reviews from actual customers. Share your thoughts below.

ShipBob provides a tremendous amount of support to help you get started. If you’re interested in learning more about the leading, technology-enabled 3PL, visit www.shipbob.com.

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