AmeriCommerce is an e-commerce software powerhouse built for high-volume online stores & complex products. With such a wide array of choices, picking the right e-commerce solution for your business is not an easy task.

Different platforms have different pros and cons, and the right one for you could be lurking in the shadows. For most merchants, the top contenders in our comparison chart are the way to go.

But each business has its needs, and the mainstream options are not the way to go for certain companies. Instead, an out-of-the-box solution with unique features is what they require.

That’s when AmeriCommerce steps in.

Americommerce lets you manage multiple stores from the same admin panel. Merchants who’re looking to simplify their lives a tad seek AmeriCommerce for that reason. Having a single login allows you to look at the catalog, orders, reports, and customer data of all stores within the same place, and that lets you forget about the hassle of having to deal with multiple account logins.

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Ammericommerce Review 2021

This feature is the best weapon AmeriCommerce has against its competitors. Its multi-store operations are what truly differentiates it from the other e-commerce platforms.

It lets you expand your store to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Amazon, eBay, and pretty much anywhere else. Your products can be sold through any website by copy-pasting code snippets created with one of its many tools.

Another highlight of AmeriCommerce is that you can decide how simple or robust you want the dashboard to be.

For merchants looking for more advanced features, AmeriCommerce offers the option to enable ‘power features’. This is a set of additional options that can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, which is why users have to click the “power features” checkbox before activating them.

The thing I really like about AmeriCommerce is that all their store themes are free. While all the major e-commerce platforms have some free themes, most of the themes on other platforms cost at least $100. Depending on your budget even that $100 can make a big difference.

Another advantage is that AmeriCommerce gives a good amount of freedom for modifying the URLs of store pages. That might not seem like a big deal but at least Shopify can be annoyingly strict with how the URLs of your store pages have to be.

When you go to the dashboard for the first time, you’re met with a clean, minimalist-looking design. The menu at the left holds different categories that make the management of your e-commerce store neat and straightforward.

It shouldn’t take the average user too long to get used to the interface. Within a few days of using the platform, you’ll feel comfortable with the buttons and options.

The company has done a great job at making the platform appealing to new users. Not only with the design but with the setup process as well.

To make the setup easy a setup wizard guides you through the steps you need to take to configure your store. You just have to follow the instructions laid out for you and, in no time, you’ll have your products in place.

AmeriCommerce Review: Pricing

In terms of pricing, there are five different tiers offered by the company.

The lowest tier, steel, costs $24.95 per month. This entry-level plan allows users to add up to 100 products, which isn’t much comparing it to other e-commerce platforms’ cheapest plans.

The highest tier, platinum, costs $299 per month. It supports unlimited products – something that doesn’t happen until this tier level – and up to 50 GB of traffic.

AmmeriCommerce also scopes bigger plans for larger stores. The platinum tier simply falls too short for many big enterprises that require large amounts of bandwidth and storage capacity.

However, that’s not a concern for most of its users – small to medium-sized retailers.

Their big boy, the multi-store feature, has a price of $39/ month for each additional store you add. If you’re picking AmeriCommerce over the other e-commerce platforms, it’s probably because this specific feature caught your eye.

Extra bandwidth costs between $3 to $8/GB/month depending on your tier. If you think your store will overdo the bandwidth usage for that month, but you don’t want to upgrade your current plan, you can pre-purchase additional bandwidth.

With their mobile-optimized templates, you can design a storefront that’s responsive and appealing to customers visiting you with their phone or tablet.

And, to make customization easy, they’ve got a “live design” editor that allows you to tweak your website intuitively with a drag and drop interface.

If you want to take the customization of your website up a notch, AmmeriCommerce lets you access the HTML and CSS files directly. Being able to play with the code allows you to gain full control. And that means its small template pool does not limit you.

AmeriCommerce Review: SEO & Marketing

Marketing-wise, you’ll get most of the tools required to promote your brand.

Whether you’re looking to promote your store with content marketing or social media marketing, AmeriCommerce’s got your back.

The software allows you to implement a blog so that you can build your brand and increase organic traffic.

And to lend a hand with SEO, It has various tools to help your site rank well in search engines.

It even has email marketing add-ons that let you send newsletters and automated messages to your email list.

AmeriCommerce Review: Conclusion

AmeriCommerce might not be as powerful as some of its competitors, but it’s solid enough to be the right pick in certain conditions.

Businesses that greatly benefit from the ability to manage multiple stores find AmeriCommerce to be a very appealing choice. And for some companies, the multi-store feature isn’t just useful and convenient, It’s crucial.

But if your business doesn’t benefit from this specific feature, AmeriCommerce might not be the best alternative.

Shopify, BigCommerce, and many other platforms offer a better overall experience without many drawbacks.

You see, AmeriCommerce doesn’t have that many negatives. But it’s got a few weak areas – like the poor template list and the limited support hours – that are worth considering.

Will these weak spots break your business? Probably not.

But there are other options worth considering if you don’t specifically benefit from their multi-store functionality.


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