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What Is Sproutt Life Insurance?

Sproutt is a company that provides life insurance. Life insurance is something that helps your family out with finances when you pass away.

With your typical life insurance company, they will look at any health problems that you have that could increase your policy. It uses artificial intelligence and your responses to lifestyle questions to recommend term life insurance policies.

Generally speaking, if you are unhealthy then you will pay more for your life insurance. They want to make sure that you are rewarded for being young and healthy, and get the best life insurance for you.

Being a life insurance broker it doesn’t underwrite any policy. No matter which life insurance company you choose, they earn the same commission amount.

How the Insurer Works

The application process requires a thorough medical exam and a lifestyle interview. This process may take weeks to complete but for sproutt it takes approximately ten minutes to get a quote using Sproutt. After all the process, the insurance provider finishes the underwriting process. Sproutt will then decide if you will qualify for a no-exam life insurance policy. Even though you will have to take an exam, they will provide you with providers offering accelerated underwriting times. Getting a quote is very simple and fast. All you have to do is answer questions about your diet, sleep routine, and exercise routine.

Sproutt also needs to know about your health and criminal history. Most U.S. adults who have a Social Security number can get a quote. You will definately need to create an account to obtain a quote. They also make it possible to apply for coverage for your spouse. Some providers will also go an extra mile and extend coverage to your children. You can as well get a quote if you suffer from pre-existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. When you use a live chat or call a licensed advisor, it might be easier for you if you have pre-existing conditions. Upon completion of the initial interview questions, Sproutt provides you with your different coverage options and an estimated monthly cost.

You can also use the provided slide bar to customize your own term length and coverage amount. Sometimes a policy may not be available with your custom selection. Immediately you choose the desired term length, Sproutt lists all the providers. These providers are well-known and have high financial strength ratings.

Some of the providers can include:

  • Principal National
  • Penn Mutual
  • Assurity Life
  • Protective
  • Prudential
  • Sagicor

Sproutt will include the monthly policy quote for each and every provider listed, along with several positive reviews for each provider.

Term Life Insurance in 12 Minutes


The QL Index Score

The way they personalize your quote is with their Quality Life (QL) index score. QL index score removes the mystery behind qualifying for life insurance. As we all know, younger people with excellent health qualify for the lowest rates. In order to get your QL index score, it takes you approximately 15 minutes. You will answer questions on these five topics:

  • Movement. The amount of time you take to exercise per day
  • Sleep. The average time you sleep in a day
  • Nutrition. If you eat processed foods, smoke, or consume alcohol often
  • Emotional health.Β If you naturally happy or tend to be depressed?
  • Balance.Β  How often do you meet with friends?

Your score will range between one and five with basic suggestions on how to improve your score.

When you get a higher score that means you might qualify for the best term life insurance rates for your age category. But sometimes this score doesn’t guarantee coverage.

For you to get the QL index score, Sproutt uses artificial intelligence technology. However, life insurance application process is the same whether or not you receive a QL score first.

$500K Coverage Starting at $18/Month

How much does life insurance cost through Sproutt?

The cost you will have to pay for life insurance will vary depending on the personal information that you provide them with.

This might be around $10 – $90 for the monthly premiums.

Factors that affect the amount include:

  • Your preconditions and lifestyle
  • Your term
  • Your coverage amount

Your preconditions and lifestyle are the most important inorder to determine if they should cover you.

Therefore, the less of a risk you are, the better deal you will get with your life insurance.

This also means that if your preconditions and lifestyle aren’t great, you will have to pay more.

Does Sproutt Require a Medical Exam to Get Life Insurance?

It may be possible to get life insurance without having to go through a medical exam through Sproutt but you have to be in good health in such a scenario.

It is important to note that Sproutt is only a life insurance broker, they may recommend providers offering no-exam life insurance policies. The provider is the one who decides whether you can waive the exam during the underwriting process.

No-exam policies may still require a phone call interview with the chosen insurance provider. However, getting an exam may help you qualify for a cheaper rate. The insurance provider will therefore have to pay for all life insurance exam costs.

In most cases exams only take up to 30 minutes, and there is an option for a nurse to meet you at home or work. The exam mainly measures these important stats:

  • Current height and weight
  • Body mass index
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sample (an off-site lab will analyze)
  • Urine sample

The chosen life insurance company may also ask you for additional documentation for select medical conditions.

Term Life Insurance

Term life policies can range between 5-30 years. Coverage amounts usually ranges from $50,000 up to $3 million.

What your life insurance company recommends depends on your interview questions. The best option is usually the cheapest but not always.

If you want to add optional term life policy riders you may be required to speak to an advisor. When you are comparing term policies online, Sproutt will highlights before hand which providers offer riders.

However, having a phone call with an advisor can be the easiest way to see if you can apply for a rider.

Potential riders include:

  • Terminal illness rider
  • Chronic illness rider
  • Child rider
  • Accelerated life benefits

Term Life vs. Whole Life

One of the most common question people usually ask is if term life or whole life (permanent) policies are better.

Term life is definately the best option for most people with a family because you tend to get the highest benefit amounts for the lowest monthly cost.

Whole life insurance is more expensive and has lower coverage amounts but gain cash value like a savings account.

The benefit of Whole Life policies is that you can cancel and receive a partial cash reimbursement. These policies are better if you want to apply for life insurance once. Though you can pay the same premium for the rest of your life, even if you have poor health.

Pros and Cons

Sproutt is worth considering for many people. Here are the reasons to consider or avoid the broker.


  • Compare multiple policy quotes in minutes.Β See the best term life insurance rates from highly-rated life insurance companies.
  • Access to a licensed advisor.Β An advisor can help you build a custom plan for term life or whole life insurance.
  • No-exam life insurance providers.Β Well-qualified applicants can avoid a medical exam with select insurers.
  • Sproutt earns a flat commission. All insurers pay Sproutt the same commission regardless of your policy cost.


  • Too many options for some people. It’s only available online, which keeps the online application process easy to understand.
  • Life insurance broker.Β The interview questions don’t guarantee you will pass the insurance provider’s underwriting process. Your official policy quote may also be different than the initial quote.
  • High-risk applicants may not qualify.Β Certain people with complex medical or personal histories may still need to use a local agent to obtain coverage.

Who Should Apply for Life Insurance Online With Sproutt?

Whether you prefer a medical exam or qualify for a no-exam policy, Sproutt can be a good option.

The only disadvantage is that Sproutt may not be a good fit if you have a complex medical history.

Instant Life Insurance

Bottom Line

This is one of the easiest ways to find cheap life insurance with the best coverage amountsΒ  and it only takes a few minutes to get a quote and the best thing is that you can apply online 24/7.

Request a quote from Sproutt today

$1M Life Insurance Coverage, Starting at $28/Month

$500K Life Insurance Coverage, Starting at $18/Month

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